Could Charlotte Flair leave WWE soon?

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Could Charlotte Flair leave WWE soon?

In the last few hours and days, Charlotte Flair has created a veritable whirlwind within WWE environments, sending several great behind-the-scenes personalities from the Stamford federation into a rage. After what happened at the end of Friday Night Smackdown, or that between the Queen of the company and her counterpart now on Monday Night Raw there was bickering about the title of a champion to be exchanged, it would seem that the situation around Charlotte is more stormy than what it looks like.

In fact, in recent days, it would seem that the Nature Boy's daughter is increasingly distant from the WWE, with rumors about her possible landing in the AEW rings that become stronger and stronger, also given the presence of her boyfriend, Andrade, on the rings of the AEW.

After arguing with Becky Lynch a few years ago now, about some comments that came out with a promo of The Man that didn't go down to Charlotte at all, with the friendship between the two cracking right at that moment, it seems that the situation has worsened even more in the last few hours, so much so as to lead fans to foresee a future away from the WWE for its champion.

Latest update on Charlotte Flair

According to the well-known website PW Insider, the possibility of seeing Charlotte Flair fight in rings other than those of the WWE is a very unlikely thing, given that the expiration of her contract is still very long.

According to the journalists of the site, in fact: "Regarding what we asked about Flair and whether she could leave WWE and her agreement to go to AEW, this is not going to happen. We are told that Flair still has several contract years remaining in her agreement.

It also does not seem that WWE wants to let go of some other big shot to reinforce the competition and make them go in front of the TNT screens, especially such important personnel." Despite the rather difficult moment between the two sides, it seems that WWE will do everything to not let its Queen par excellence escape, with a possible landing of Charlotte Flair in the AEW rings that would really be a not indfferent blow for the McMahons and all.

the WWE. As per Cagematch, Belair and Flair have fought each other in three singles matches on WWE television. Their first clash took place in NXT last year, with Charlotte Flair emerging victoriously. The other two one-on-one bouts between them occurred this month on RAW, as Bianca Belair won both times via disqualification.

So despite holding a 2-1 singles record over Flair, The EST of WWE has never defeated the former in a clean finish.