Dutch Mantell comments on the WWE Performance Center

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Dutch Mantell comments on the WWE Performance Center

The WWE has accused a sudden drop in ratings in recent times, which is due to a series of internal and external factors. The consequences of the global pandemic are still afflicting the sports entertainment business, which has only returned to life a few months ago.

The empty arenas and subsequent crisis brought the finances of the Stamford company to their knees, forced to continue their live fanless shows thanks to the invention of the ThunderDome. To this must be added the rise of All Elite Wrestling, capable of engaging two absolute phenomena of the caliber of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson).

Tony Khan's company seems to be able to better meet the needs of a certain slice of the public, especially in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic. WWE responded with big returns from Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar to SummerSlam, as well as just hosting PPV Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

During the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell criticized the working methodology adopted at the Performance Center. “From my point of view, that Orlando Performance Center is very overrated.

They take the athletes there and leave them there for an infinite amount of time. They keep them hidden for one, two, three or even four years. They keep making mistakes and they don't even realize it. So many things are taught in a totally wrong way,” explained Dutch Mantell.

Dutch Mantell on the WWE Performance Center

Dutch Mantell then made a comparison with the superstars of AEW, who enjoy much more freedom from a creative point of view. “All Elite Wrestling wrestlers can give free rein to their creativity.

WWE stars necessarily go through the PC, so they have to do things their way and there is no alternative. It is noticeable that they have learned only one system and cannot go further. Those athletes who come from the independent circuit lose their style after arriving at the Performance Center."

The WWE Performance Center has grown into such a large operation that no less than seven full-sized rings can be in use at any one time for training purposes. Alongside Bloom, a team of coaches including (among others) Norman Smiley, Robbie Brookside and Sara Amato are on-site to put aspiring WWE Superstars through their paces.

Legends such as Shawn Michaels, William Regal and Road Dogg are also heavily involved in developing the next generation of talent for WWE, with the hope of moving them on to NXT - and eventually the main roster.