Dutch Mantell takes a shot at Big E

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Dutch Mantell takes a shot at Big E

Roman Reigns opened the latest episode of SmackDown by celebrating his victory over Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel. The 'Tribal Chief' managed to defeat the 'Beast' in Saudi Arabia thanks also to the fundamental help of Jey and Jimmy Uso.

Contrary to expectations on the eve, Paul Heyman's role did not prove crucial in the match economics. Lesnar did not like the outcome of the dispute very little and did not give Reigns time to say many words. 'The Beast Incarnate' soon broke into the ring and wiped out both Roman and the Usos.

Only the intervention of a large part of the backstage prevented the situation from deteriorating further. Due to all this, Adam Pearce has decided to suspend the former Universal champion indefinitely. A completely out of his mind Brock attacked him and gave him a couple of consecutive F-5s.

Given the current situation in Lesnar, it is likely that WWE will choose to stage a feud between Roman Reigns and Big E ahead of the Survivor Series. During the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, Dutch Mantell admitted that this idea doesn't appeal to him at all.

“I'm not at all convinced that a storyline between Roman Reigns and Big E would be successful. Big E is experiencing perhaps the best moment of his entire career and deserves a chance given the efforts he has made in the last year.

Confronting Roman would be the right reward for him” - began Dutch Mantell.

Dutch Mantell opens up on Big E

“At the same time, a question comes to mind. Does anyone really think Big E can beat Roman Reigns? This is an aspect that must be considered.

People must have the feeling of an uncertain outcome, but this is not the case. Nobody thinks Big E can do it, let's be honest. He hasn't reached that level of credibility yet,” Dutch Mantell analyzed. Following the Draft, Big E was confirmed on the Raw roster, while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods moved on to SmackDown.

At Crown Jewel, Big E kept the WWE belt by beating Drew McIntyre. The two continued to exchange blows before Big E planted McIntyre with a second Big Ending and this time it was enough to seal the deal. The reigning champion had successfully retained his championship amid an exchange of mutual respect after the bout.

That said, with McIntyre now on SmackDown, this episode between E and Drew is surely over. There will be new challenges coming the champion's way as he continues his journey on Monday Night RAW. In this article, we look at five new challengers who could look to dethrone Big E for the WWE Championship on the red brand.