Kurt Angle pays tribute to Seth Rollins

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Kurt Angle pays tribute to Seth Rollins

Kurt Angle had the privilege of being inducted into both the TNA Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame. According to many industry insiders, the 52-year-old from Mount Lebanon is the most technical wrestler to ever step foot in the ring.

Thanks to his extraordinary abilities and his magnetic personality, in 2010 he was selected by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter as the best performer of the 21st century. During the latest episode of his now-famous podcast, the former Olympic gold medalist revealed the ten superstars he has never had the opportunity to face.

The first name that came to his mind was Seth Rollins, capable of becoming one of the iconic faces of the current WWE. Angle's career ended with more than a few regrets at WrestleMania 35, when he was unexpectedly defeated by Baron Corbin (certainly not his dream opponent).

Kurt Angle praises Seth Rollins

“Seth Rollins is one of the best wrestlers around, there is no doubt about it. His style has always reminded me of Shawn Michaels, so I would have loved to fight him” - confided Kurt Angle.

Kurt revealed that there have been some discussions about a potential match against Rollins. “We talked about it several times when I got back to WWE, but those plans never came true. There were a lot of guys I wanted to work with before ending my career.

I have a feeling WWE was trying to protect my physical integrity at the time, which is why I haven't faced big names. There was a question of responsibility that had to be taken into account. My addiction problems with painkillers could not be overlooked, as well as my neck problems and severe injuries from the past.

These are the reasons why I haven't done much wrestling in the last part of my career." Kurt Angle had the chance to team up with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at TLC 2017, having taken over from Roman Reigns at the last minute.

Baron Corbin recently praised WWE legend Kurt Angle for agreeing to lose against him at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. “To me, that was something that will live in my career forever because it was an amazing moment to be in the ring with not only an Olympic gold medallist but a Hall of Famer and someone who has had an unbelievable career.

To get that opportunity and to walk away with the victory is something I will hold dear for my entire life,” Corbin said.