Why do fans hate MSK?

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Why do fans hate MSK?

Nash Carter and Wes Lee are two guys with enormous talent who since their debut at NXT have done nothing but give us excellent performances, also quickly becoming the pair champions of the yellow (or rainbow now) brand. Unfortunately, despite all this, it seems that the fans are not able to appreciate them, in fact, even if they are the babyfaces of the situation, every time they enter the NXT arena they are booed.

But is there a valid reason for all this? MSK currently hold the NXT Tag Team Championships on the Black and Gold brand. Wes Lee and Nash Carter have done a fantastic job since arriving in WWE.

New details on MSK

According to what was reported by BodySlam the answer would have emerged on Reddit, a channel often used by wrestling fans to communicate and discuss what is happening in this business.

This post mentions a tweet posted by Nash Carter about three years ago, where the boy criticized a commercial that included the teenager Izzy, known as Bayley's super fan at NXT, who also often took insults, in storylines and gimmicks, by Sasha Banks and who now works for Women of Wrestling and takes care of talking about the discipline on Youtube while training to become a professional wrestler.

This commercial happened at an independent federation show and apparently saw Izzy getting a Chokeslam from someone. The tweet allegedly led Izzy's parents not to like MSK. The two would then talk to other NXT fans, who are live with them weekly to watch the show and induce them to go against the tag team champions, causing them to lose the support they should have.

In addition, the following was also said: "Some sources have gone so far as to say that the NXT management asked parents and their sympathizers to change places prior to NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver because they were filmed doing some anti-MSK chants.

NXT officials apparently heard about it from an audience member who appears to have overheard the conversation." Also, a really bad thing was added, which is that one member of the group allegedly asked others to say directly to Carter the phrase: "Your father is dead." The two wrestlers said that the meaning of MSK was like their matches.

They said that the fans don't know what to expect from them and they think of them as high-flyers. However, there is a deeper meaning to the tag team for them. They perform high-flying moves but are ready to brawl if that's what it comes to. They are also educated enough in wrestling that they could snap an arm.