Ronda States That She Will Not Attack Lynch’s Knee

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Ronda States That She Will Not Attack Lynch’s Knee

Even though most professional wrestling matches have a storyline behind them, some wrestlers use parts of the storyline to make the match entertaining. WWE often creates storylines that involves one wrestler going after another wrestler’s injured body part.

Usually, heel wrestlers are the ones that do this! The heels often receive a lot of heat for attacking the injured body parts of a baby face wrestler. Some wrestlers prefer not to do this, especially if the injury is actually legitimate.

However, most injuries in professional wrestling are worked. Ronda Rousey has stated on multiple occasions that she wants to face the best version of Becky Lynch. She wants to prove to the world that she can overcome the best version of ‘The Man’.

Lynch’s left knee is injured these days, and most likely it is a work. However, she has been suspended for not seeing a doctor to get herself cleared. Ronda spoke to her audience during a Q and A session and stated that she will not go after Lynch’s knee at WrestleMania 35.

“It's just not my style. It just seems cheap to me,” said Rousey. “I have bad knees, so if someone goes after my knees, I'm just like 'f--- you.' I could seriously rip somebody's arm off and throw it across the f---ing room and be fine with that s---. The idea of knees makes me queasy. I don't like it”.