Ryback jokes about Mansoor

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Ryback jokes about Mansoor
Ryback jokes about Mansoor (Provided by Wrestling World)

Very often, among the Superstars of the WWE, there is no good blood, with some arguments that start in the ring or maybe in the backstage of some show and then end also in the private life of the Superstars involved. Throughout the history of WWE, several athletes have not spoken to each other for years and many still do not do so decades after the last disagreement received, a bit like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, who after the Montreal Screwjob, to which an unsuspecting (it seems) HBK also took part, they had not spoken until the reconciliation arrived live on Monday Night Raw, only several years later.

With the advent of social media, then, the WWE has also managed to start real feuds between athletes on the web, with some quarrels and quarrels that start online, that you never know how real and how fake they are, as very often happened both with the fans and with the various insiders.

Two of the latest athletes who have clashed on social media, quite real, are current Monday Night Raw wrestler Mansoor and former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback, now disconnected from WWE years ago. After seeing Mansoor's match won in Crown Jewel, with his current enemy being Mustafa Ali, former leader of the Retribution stable, Ryback wanted to make fun of Mansoor's character and role quite heavily,

Ryback on Mansoor's status

On Twitter, Ryback posted: "Vince McMahon you can give Mansoor Steve Austin's music too and he won't go over anyway.

Holy shit, your product really sucks." In response, the Saudi Arabian WWE athlete wanted to repost a screenshot of one of Ryback's latest polls, with the athlete asking his fans where he had to fight back, in what big promotion or if by chance he were to retire, with most of the fans voting for the latest and Mansoor having a big laugh after the ex-WWE cyborg's comments.

Ryback was a consistent face on the WWE brand for a number of years but only ever managed to lift the Intercontinental Championship during his stint, which began to gain speed when he was part of The Nexus. Since his departure, Ryback has spent time on the Independent Circuit and has started his own podcast called "Conversation With The Big Guy, where he has shared a number of secrets and stories from his time in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.