Cesaro Speaks About His Lack of Success in Single’s Matches

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Cesaro Speaks About His Lack of Success in Single’s Matches

Cesaro is one of WWE’s most famous former Indie wrestlers, and he recently spoke about not having much luck in singles matches. Cesaro is well-known for his feats of strength and many videos of him doing incredible moves on YouTube are available.

In fact, some people believe that he is one of the strongest wrestlers in the WWE. Despite all that, Cesaro could never reach the top of WWE. He is a mid-card wrestler and hasn’t really won any noteworthy title. However, he has been extremely successful in tag team matches.

On Into The Danger Zone with Chris Denker, Cesaro spoke about an achievement that he is really proud of.

Cesaro Speaks About The Best Achievement of His Career So Far

“I would say I’m really bad at picking single things because then, after this podcast airs, I’m like, oh, I forgot 17 things that meant a lot as well,” Cesaro admitted.

“There’s so many things that meant a lot. For example, obviously, Andre The Giant, that was at WrestleMania 30. That was my first big thing in WWE. You also had the U.S. Championship, which meant a lot as well and then the first Tag Team Championship I won with Tyson Kidd, all the Tag Team Championships I won with Sheamus, the one with Shinsuke [Nakamura].

Speaking of Xavier Woods earlier, when we beat The New Day and that record-breaking title reign and then, of course, my singles match with [Seth] Rollins at WrestleMania. I had a cage match at Madison Square Garden on a live event.

That’s one of those ‘oh, I forgot about that.’ I had a singles match with Ricochet in Japan that probably nobody will ever see that I remember was awesome, and I had a match with Sheamus before the best of seven series, again, in Japan that was really really really fun and awesome.

It was crazy and nobody’s ever going to see that. There’s other stuff that, in my mind, it’s in my head and just a cool memory. San Jose, when they were 9000 Cesaro section signs. That was probably one of the coolest things in my career.

I think if we would look up the Guinness Book of World Records, which doesn’t exist at this point, but for the most signs in the crowd, I would be it hands down because I think I saw it on Reddit the day after. Somebody linked me to it.

This guy literally printed out like 8000 – 9000 of those signs. Even if I’m wrong and it was only 2000 signs, I’m pretty sure it’s the Guinness World Record for the most signs”.