Former WWE referee opens up on Roman Reigns

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Former WWE referee opens up on Roman Reigns

Over the course of WWE's history, several of the most renowned superstars of the federation have clashed both inside and outside the federation's rings, with some personal squabbles that also ended up in the backstage of the company, with brawls, fights and fights that went on for weeks and months of situations not exactly easy to manage among the WWE crew.

All the fights carried out over the years by the various Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar and many other quite "smoky" wrestlers are now known, with the colleagues of the aforementioned names who had repeatedly had to separate the quarrelsome athletes, who combined always one, especially at a young age.

In recent years, stories have also emerged about the characters who for years have been kicked out of the company's backstage, especially from the locker rooms, with some wrestlers being forced to change in the corridors or basements of the arenas, such as The Miz, at the beginning of his career or as we are about to bring you back today, even Enzo Amore.

Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel through nefarious means, and it's quite evident that his feud with Lesnar is far from over. The issue surrounding Paul Heyman's allegiance is also still up in the air.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the program will extend to WrestleMania 38. ''The storyline on where Paul Heyman stands also couldn’t be resolved, as this is likely heading to WrestleMania, since right now there doesn’t appear to be anything on the horizon bigger,'' said Dave Meltzer.

Mike Chioda on Roman Reigns

In his latest interview with the two WWE Hall of Famers, Gerald Brisco and JBL, in the Stories with Brisco & Bradshaw show, the historic former WWE referee, Mike Chioda, (recently released by McMahons), wanted to tell fans about when the current Tribal Chief of the company had to expel Enzo Amore from the men's locker room due to the boy's lack of respect for his colleagues.

In his speech, Chioda in fact told after years: "I remember what happened to Enzo Amore. I remember even John Cena forced him to change out for a while. Roman Reigns was responsible for all of this. Roman Reigns is old school like many of the wrestlers that are there.

He forced Enzo to change out because of all the stupid things he did. I mean, when you disrespect the business, the locker room guys and everything, you get a lot of heat boy, that's for sure."