Jim Cornette on Braun Strowman's future

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Jim Cornette on Braun Strowman's future

Due to the effects of the global pandemic, WWE has been forced to release large numbers of superstars and insiders over the past year and a half. Plenty of prominent names have had to say goodbye to the company, including Bray Wyatt, Andrade, Mickie James, Aleister Black and even Braun Strowman.

Very few expected the latter to say goodbye to the WWE, who had invested heavily in his character. The announcement of his dismissal came on June 2, generating shocked reactions from both fans and experts. Braun has become the most coveted free agent around and there have been several rumors about his future.

According to some reports, 'The Monster Among Men' has already started negotiations with IMPACT Wrestling and it seems that both sides are strongly interested in finding an agreement. During the latest edition of his podcast, Jim Cornette bluntly stated that IMPACT Wrestling would not solve his problems by hiring Strowman.

Jim Cornette reflects on Braun Strowman

“I don't have an in-depth knowledge of IMPACT Wrestling and I honestly don't really care about their talent list” - Jim Cornette began. “If they think they can solve their problems thanks to the arrival of Braun Strowman, they are totally off track.

I don't care if he's going to be called Titan or Tits McGee, it makes no difference. It will not help them get out of the situation they are currently in. The company that once could boast myths like Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff has lost almost all of its charm.

Braun Strowman would be of no help to him, I can guarantee you ”- he added to the dose. Speaking in the last edition of 'Busted Open Radio', Braun retraced his career in WWE. The giant revealed how his character was not properly exploited: “I was always presented as a monster during my stint in WWE.

I've never had the opportunity to show Adam's other faces, my human side and everything in between. Even though I am huge and have the strength to destroy my opponents, I can also be a kind and caring person." Now, Fightful Select has said there is 'heavy interest' in Braun Strowman joining IMPACT.

The company has been making a major play to sign the behemoth. According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, IMPACT Wrestling is "heavily interested" in signing Strowman to their roster. Ross Sapp also notes that there's been a push backstage in IMPACT for the past month to bring him in.