Kurt Angle on His Iron Match with Lesnar

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Kurt Angle on His Iron Match with Lesnar

Professional wrestling originates from Catch Wrestling, which was the original no holds barred completion. There was no time limit and the winner was declared by best of 3 falls or submission. Unfortunately, the matches could last for a really long time.

There were no rounds and no time limit! With professional wrestling, the outcomes of the matches are pre-determined. Most spots in a match are scripted and therefore, more entertaining. Professional wrestlers can perform the best moves in their move set without the need to set them up.

Iron man matches are somewhat similar to old school catch wrestling matches. They last for an hour! Kurt Angle took on Brock Lesnar in an Iron Man Match once! According to him, that was the toughest match of his career. During a Q and A Session on Facebook, he said, “The one-hour iron man match with Brock Lesnar.

It was intense and so was Brock. Not to mention my sister passed away the night before. That match was two world class athletes going toe-to-toe for 60 mins. Intense." Iron man matches are rarely organized these days, as they can get boring if the wrestlers are not very creative.

The risk of injury is also great and only a handful of wrestlers want to work such a match. Most wrestlers do not enter the ring 100% fit and managing an iron man match isn’t easy at all.