Charlotte Flair's situation worsens

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Charlotte Flair's situation worsens

PWTorch reporter Wade Keller is the one who dropped the most bombs in this whole situation involving Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, after their fight backstage on SmackDown. Updating all the fans, the man said: “Charlotte has a reputation for being difficult and constantly worried about not getting the respect that someone of her height and fulfillment or at least her character height and character fulfillment of her, should have." Then he added, “She feels like she needs to be treated on a different level and the other stars who are at the top have to work hard to protect themselves.

[...] It seems universal that people see her as someone who only cares about herself and not others." And after also giving her opinion on Charlotte accidentally dropping Raw's belt, as she said backstage to defend herself, she said: “Nobody involved was drinking it and Charlotte was asked to leave the building."

New details on Charlotte Flair's status

WWE is reportedly in a "tricky situation" regarding Charlotte Flair over the backstage incident with Becky Lynch.

Obviously Keller, in his audio update of the PWTorch VIP, in addition to saying what Charlotte Flair's colleagues reported to him, wanted to have his say, going a little hard-nosed. "The last thing is that Charlotte feels like she can get away with it because there isn't enough room on the roster to punish her." And then he added, just to clarify how much difference there is between Charlotte and Becky, with the Irishman who at this moment is considered the heroine of the situation: “I know there are people who adored Charlotte who now don't even recognize her anymore." In fact, the reporter also stated: “I have not heard anyone defend Charlotte Flair on this.

Someone, in many words, told me that Becky is the heroine for the locker room for taking back Charlotte and not letting her get away with what she does." The "Championship Exchange" segment featuring Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch saw Flair drop her RAW Women's title as Lynch was just about to grab it.

Later in the segment, Lynch threw her SmackDown Women's title at Flair, who also dropped this belt. As per PWTorch's sources, Flair has been "increasingly difficult to work with." Another WWE Superstar told PWTorch that no female star wants to work with her in any capacity.

Charlotte broke Asuka's 914-day winning streak at WrestleMania 34. She won feuds against fan-favorite Rhea Ripley in 2020 and 2021. Judging by the latest reports, her peers also aren't too fond of her.