Rey Mysterio encourages his son Dominik

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Rey Mysterio encourages his son Dominik

When we talk about Rey Mysterio we are not only talking about probably the greatest luchadores who ever walked the wrestling rings but also one of the most important Mexican-born wrestlers (Rey is from California and has only origins) most important.

Rey has been delighting fans of the WWE Universe for years and in the last year with him, he began to be part of the WWE, also his son Dominik. Unlike Rey and most of the other luchador Dominik fights without a mask but despite this in his repertoire there are some of the moves that have made his father famous.

Rey Mysterio on his son Dominik

Speaking on TMZ Sports microphones, Rey Mysterio spoke about the relationship with his son and how he sees Dominik within the company. Here are his words: "From the beginning I told my son that he will become better than me and I keep telling him this every time.

I can't wait for him to become himself, even if in a way he is right now, but I really believe and have long thought that he will become better than me. I don't say this because he is my son, I really think so. He motivates me as he inspires me to keep doing what I am doing because I contribute and closely witness his growth in the wrestling world.

"Together with his son Dominik, Rey Mysterio won the title of Tag Team Champion at SmackDown and I am the first father/son duo to win a title within Vince McMahon's company. Yet it must be said that initially Rey Mysterio was not completely convinced of his son's debut within the company and indeed thought it was too early.

Dominik recently revealed it. The son of art, speaking on Kurt Angle's podcast, stated, "My dad told me he didn't think I was ready, but at the same time he told me to do what I felt and that it wouldn't stop me. It was me to decide to go into the ring." During the interview, it was brought up that both Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik have been moved to RAW in the 2021 WWE Draft.

Rey stated that he thought it might have been a good idea if he and Dominik had been separated in the draft. "That was definitely up to destiny," Rey Mysterio said. "We did talk about [the possibility of being split up]. I said, 'If we eventually get split up, then it was meant to be.

You go your way, I'll go mine.' At the same time, it would've given my son some independence to grow on his own. Pretty much the story we were telling right before we got drafted to Raw. It was in the back of our minds, but it wasn't anything we were worrying about. If anything, it probably would have been good. It's a change."