Sonya Devile is involved in the Charlotte Flair's situation

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Sonya Devile is involved in the Charlotte Flair's situation

Hour after hour, new updates on the Charlotte Flair situation continue to come out and she hasn't left us alone since Saturday morning, after all that has happened and which seems to be a river full of events. In the cursed segment of the belt swap, not only were Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch involved, but also the now WWE officer Sonya Deville who found herself in the middle of two fires.

As reported by PWInsider in the last few hours, the confrontation between the two former best friends, as we know, took place in the Gorilla Position, under the eyes of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard and beyond. In fact, two different sources have also described Sonya Deville as "angry enough to want to argue/fight Flair" and she, too, had a heated discussion with her, backstage, on Smackdown.

Update on Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville

PW Insider goes on to say, "The criticism of Charlotte Flair is that she has been self-indulgent in protecting herself and making sure all attention was on her, but a source not close to Flair said, "Let's be honest, this is that.

that make the stars. They make sure their stellar power stays the same or higher”. Another source noted that resentment towards Flair has been building up in the past few weeks and it was“ only a matter of time ”before anything happened.

Flair was escorted out of the building by WWE officials, with some people close to her pointing to it as a "sign of disrespect" in itself, given her family's history with the company and its importance to the brand. SmackDown moving forward." On the AEW issue, with Dynamite airing from Orlando, Florida, where Charlotte Flair lives with her boyfriend Andrade, the site said, “Flair wasn't behind the scenes at AEW in Orlando, Florida during the week […] We were told there were people in her circle who were privately pushing the idea of ​​her trying to get out of her WWE deal, but realistically, no one expects that to actually happen." Sonya Deville was on Better Together With Maria Menounos.

On the show, Deville spoke about coming out for the first time on National TV and later talking to Triple H about it. "That was the craziest thing ever, it was such a weird time in my life. I'm 21 years old at the time, I'm on a reality television show that's being broadcast live internationally, and the first question I'm asked in the interview portion of the show is, 'Are you in a relationship?' That's such an easy question. But for me, it was this loaded question with such a complex back end."