*Spoiler* Zelina Vega receives the new gimmick

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*Spoiler* Zelina Vega receives the new gimmick

During the last WWE PPV, or Crown Jewel, which aired last week, the final of the women's tournament was also staged to decree the very first queen of WWE, homologous to the King of the Ring, with Zelina Vega who managed to beat her opponent, Doudrop, crowning herself Queen of the WWE.

After a tournament that lasted a few matches, the wife of former WWE Aleister Black, currently in All Elite Wrestling forces as Malakai Black, has thus become the most talked-about female character on Monday Night Raw, with the episode of tonight's red show being he immediately saw her as the protagonist, in the segment of his official coronation, as happened also for King Xavier in that of Friday Night Smackdown, last Friday, the day after Crown Jewel.

Zelina Vega will forever be in the history books

During the WWE Queen's coronation segment, Zelina Vega reminded WWE Universe fans a lot of the character who staged the company's WWE Hall of Famer a few years ago, Booker T, right after the multi-world champion won his tournament.

to become the King of the Ring, thus becoming King Booker. To the microphones of the red show, Zelina Vega declared how it was always in her destiny to win this tournament, making the comparison with the rest of the WWE women's roster, which according to the girl is not even remotely comparable to her skill and talent.

she. With some phrases, Zelina Vega has made fans understand that she has changed radically, with the usual phrase that comes in these cases which is "All hail Queen Zelina", shouted just like King Booker did years ago. Since his return to WWE last July, this is definitely a great change and a great revolution for the athlete, who seemed not to have a great future in the rings of the McMahon-owned company and who instead at the first possible opportunity managed to get to a great and important victory for his career.

Zelina Vega spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about WWE. When asked about her triumph in the first-ever Queen's Crown tournament, Vega revealed her interaction with Vince McMahon following her big win in the finals.

"Vince [McMahon] walked up to me after the match in the back and said, ‘You walked in here queen, and now it’s official,’" Zelina Vega said. "I almost lost it. This is finally my time to show out to everyone who I am. I’m not in anyone’s shadow. This is my time to show why I am a star."