Keith Lee: "In my off-screen period I thought I was done"

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Keith Lee: "In my off-screen period I thought I was done"

Over the past two years, several WWE Superstars have had major problems with covid and all the consequences brought about by the global pandemic, with several big names having to be absent, some for one reason and some for another, going to face problems.

of daily life that without this virus they probably would never have had to face. After seeing Roman Reigns having to be absent shortly before Wrestlemania 36, ​​where he was scheduled for a sensational victory against Bill Goldberg, only to return only in the edition of Summerslam a few months later, we also saw Keith Lee, a former NXT wrestler, who at the time of his departure was instead in force on Monday Night Raw.

The cause of his absence, however, is to be found precisely in medical problems, with the athlete who tested positive for Covid-19 and then had really devastating aftermath, which also led to him developing a fear that he was going to die.

Keith Lee talks about the fear of having to retire during his absence

In his latest interview with Out of Character podcast, to Ryan Satin, the former NXT Champion revealed after months:

"Originally I didn't feel so bad.

But things then went on and evolved and I didn't initially understand it. The problem with this covid is that things go on and no one ever knows how it will turn out until some other problem arises. It is one attempt after another, waiting for the error.

Very often covid attacks people in different ways.
I returned three weeks after my infection and had a match against Riddle on February 8th. Then, the next day, I received a call in which they told me that there was something strange in my blood, which gave the idea of ​​inflammation.

This led to multiple MRI scans and several visits with very uncomfortable instruments.
I didn't feel abnormal, but no one could figure out what I was having or whether I was really that bad. From the first resonance, it seemed that everything was fine.

From the second, however, things had clearly deteriorated, so much so that he could no longer even do training or gym. Despite everything, the hardest thing for me was not being able to tell my family, because not knowing for sure what it was, there was the possibility that I could not recover.

Being a very shy person, it took me a long time to share this with others, including family members. The thing that has always remained in my head is that I had to keep fighting with myself and against this disease. It took 5 months.

I still remember that on the fourth or fifth MRI that went wrong in Pittsburgh, I was absolutely convinced that my career was over. It took weeks to come back and say that I could do it and that everything would be ok. In the end, it also took me 5 weeks to get back in shape, because I no longer knew what was normal for me, by now I had almost forgotten everything," Keith Lee said.