Shawn Michaels Speaks About Filling in For Triple H

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Shawn Michaels Speaks About Filling in For Triple H

Shawn Michaels is currently working as the Vice President of Talent Development and he spoke about filling in for Triple H. He was a guest on Sports Illustrated. Triple H underwent heart surgery and is now recovering. Triple H underwent successful heart surgery on the 8th of September.

He had surgery done at the Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT. Triple H suffered a cardiac event, which was due to a genetic heart issue that he suffers from.

Shawn Michaels Talks About Filling Triple H's role in WWE During his Absence

Triple H runs the NXT brand and many people believe that NXT is doing well as it isn’t controlled by Vince McMahon directly.

Triple H is the reason why NXT is now a legitimate WWE brand and is no longer considered a developmental brand. The WWE Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development released a statement on the 21st. According to the statement, Triple H is making a good recovery.

According to Michaels, filling the entire role is impossible. He also stated that his official title is Vice President of Talent Development. “Trying to step in and fill his role is impossible to do,” Michaels said.

“Everybody here misses him unbelievably, especially me. But I always go back to this—everything in real life takes precedence over everything else. This was a situation where my best friend needed my help and needed me to step in, so I look at this as an opportunity, in a small way, to thank him for everything he did for me earlier in my career.

“Taking over the responsibilities here is a drop in the bucket compared to what he did for me all those years back. I’m honored to at least have the opportunity to pay him back a little bit and be there for him.

That’s what this whole company does—this whole relaunch has been everyone pulling together, and I’m energized and inspired to keep this NXT territory going strong during his absence”. Shawn Michaels is a WWE Hall of Famer and is one of WWE’s best performers of all time.

He had a fantastic WWE career and fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers of all time. He suffered numerous injuries during his career, but he still managed to return and wrestle. He is now fully retired and most likely not return to wrestle ever again.