WWE has finally found the date for its UK PPV

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WWE has finally found the date for its UK PPV

In recent months, the news had emerged online that WWE could present its historical summer ppv par excellence, Summerslam, right from the English ring where it was staged in 1992 and therefore after exactly three decades.

At the time, Summerslam was staged from Wembley Stadium in London, with the British fans of the McMahon company who were delighted to see live such a huge event as the WWE Summer Big Four, which was already a unique event 30 years ago.

very important for the whole world of discipline. After several rumors, even this year, this scenario has been completely denied by various components of the WWE behind the scenes, who have discarded a possible edition of Summerslam in English and therefore very close to Europe for this year.

According to the best informed, however, WWE has been working to bring one of its ppv to English land for years now, with 2022 which should finally be the good year, with a long tour in the old continent, which could lead to the end of the summer also to see a ppv go on stage from the UK.

Will WWE hold a ppv in the UK in September?

According to what was reported by the microphones of the well-known Fightful Select, it would seem that the WWE has set aside the idea of bringing Summerslam to England, but not to give up the idea of bringing a ppv to English soil.

In the latest update of the well-known overseas podcast, we learned that: "We are told that the WWE September show has become a ppv in the UK and February and October are planned for Saudi Arabia and its shows for the time being.

WWE is trying to focus more on stadiums and the shows within them could be the destination." At the moment we have no further clues or confirmations to understand what this English ppv will be called or from which city it will be staged, even if the capital of the United Kingdom, or London, seems to be the most likely venue for the event.

Speaking with Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online, the NXT UK Champion spoke highly of the brand and urged fans to watch it more frequently: "I know the responsibility I have. I know I represent the greatest brand in my opinion (WWE NXT UK)," Dragunov continued, "I think regarding my style in the ring, regarding the physicality, regarding how you make people believe, and connect to the performance, NXT UK is untouchable. Definitely, people should never sleep on NXT UK."