Chris Jericho opens up on Kevin Owens

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Chris Jericho opens up on Kevin Owens

In 2016, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens teamed up to the delight of fans. The collaboration between the two didn't start out under the best auspices, as they both said they didn't need to help each other. At the time, KO was the Universal champion and Y2J had helped him keep the belt on more than one occasion.

During a Handicap match 2 vs. 1, Jericho and Owens teamed up to face Roman Reigns, with the Canadian able to pin the 'Big Dog' and take the US title. In February 2017, episodes of tension between Chris and Kevin became more and more frequent, so much so that - during the Festival of Friendship - Owens betrayed his teammate.

At the PPV Fastlane, Jericho's interference helped Goldberg snatch the WWE Universal Championship from Owens' hands. At WrestleMania 33, Chris lost his US champion belt to his former friend KO'd. Since then, Kevin has never regained the Universal title or won the WWE Championship.

In a long interview with 'TalkSPORT', Jericho revealed how Vince McMahon was not a big fan of Owens at the time.

Chris Jericho on Kevin Owens

“After our fight at WrestleMania 33, Vince McMahon got mad at Kevin Owens and told him it was the worst match in Mania's history.

He turned to me with his thumb up, so it was clear that he was angry with Kevin" - said Chris Jericho. “Knowing Vince's way of thinking, he didn't like the fact that he KO had the extra pounds or he wasn't happy with his job as a heel.

As for me, it was great to work with him. I think Kevin is an exceptional performer and a great person. The extra pounds? They don't interest me. Mick Foley and Bam Bam Bigelow had the same type of physique as you, yet this aspect did not affect their work” - he added.

The former WWE superstar has noted several times that the match stipulation will be honored, so if he does lose the match then he will never step into an AEW ring again. “If I lose, I’ll never wrestle in an AEW ring again,” Jericho said.

“That’s exactly what I said, and I mean it”. It's likely that Chris Jericho could now take a backseat and be looking to join the backstage team at AEW. He could easily transition to a commentary role and let other stars take the company to new heights. Still, there is a chance that the former world champion could be heading back to WWE if he loses to MJF.