Damian Priest sends a message to Edge

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Damian Priest sends a message to Edge

In recent months on Monday Night Raw former NXT star Damian Priest has had more and more growth and now the strong wrestler is currently United States Champion and one of the emerging wrestlers on the red roster. After beating Sheamus demonstrating some of his skills, the wrestler now seems ready for a new important storyline.

Speaking on Raw Talk, Damian Priest talked about the future and made it clear that his dream is to face a WWE legend, the Rated-R Superstar Edge. Here are his words: "Here on Raw we have a list of interesting new wrestlers who have just arrived and I think of Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, the Street Profits and Rey Mysterio.

Then sooner or later I would like to face the current WWE Champion Big E, this one. it also seems logical to me, but at the moment my dream is to challenge the Rated-R Superstar Edge." During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the Canadian wrestler was not present but Priest immediately clarified what his future plans are and that these concern Edge.

Damian Priest talks about Edge

During the last episode of Raw, Damian Priest debuted with a new entry music also showing a more aggressive side. The match against T-Bar ended with the victory of the champion by disqualification.

During Raw Talk Priest made it clear that one of his goals is to evolve so that his name and role remain unchanged or even better grow over time. Damian Priest has shown great admiration for Edge in the past. In fact, during an interview in the summer, Damian stated that if he were to be part of a Tag Team he has many friends on the roster (think of Keith Lee or Matt Riddle) but he would like to partner with a legend like Edge.

The Rated-R Superstar is back from a huge match in Crown Jewel's opening in a Hell in A Cell against Seth Rollins where he won and thus definitively closed their feud. In a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry said he was inspired by Edge's performance.

The World's Strongest Man stated that the Rated R superstar's physique is a testament to the hard work he did during those eight years of retirement. Henry added that the former WWE Champion knows what he signed up for, and has been delivering ever since his comeback.

"He’s got 8 years of less wear and tear. He had time to heal up. I mean, it's not like he is sitting in his home and hanging out. He was training. He was working out and getting his body right and getting healthy."