Vince Russo discusses Seth Rollins' current status


Vince Russo discusses Seth Rollins' current status

During the last episode of the well-known Legion of Raw program, the former member of the creative team of the red brand Vince Russo had critical words for one of the newcomers to RAw, the now-former Messiah Seth Rollins.

Vince Russo criticized the role of Rollins and explained why he never managed to perceive Becky Lynch's real-life husband as a real Heel and during the show explained why. "Guys, I do a Batman show. '66. We analyze everything from the uni episode and think about the top 4 villains, people like Riddler, Penguin or Joker and the Riddler.

Honestly, one saw Joker or even the Riddler and never took them seriously as threats because they were funny. Then comes the first not funny and what you perceive as 'Villain' Now in WWE I see Seth Rollins trying to be funny with that ridiculous laugh, I honestly don't know how with that laugh he can convey that he is a Heel or otherwise convey fear.

I mean I remember the times of The Undertaker or Kane and they certainly didn't do that, you don't get taken seriously like that. You don't pose a serious threat if you show a Heel that almost wants to look funny, it's hard that way," he said.

Vince Russo reflects on Seth Rollins

Then Vince Russo continued: "Think about it brother, in the end, it has been like this for a while but Seth Rollins usually frightened and slowed down his opponents, he destroyed them with the Curb Stomp!

That means being a Heel, that was how it was meant to be and not now." Throughout the show, Vince Russo has found inconsistencies in Seth Rollins' new character of the last few months but it must be said that the company seems to want to relaunch the Messiah.

In fact, after the defeat at Crown Jewel against Edge, during the last episode of Monday Night Raw Seth Rollins participated in a Fatal 4 Way Match valid to become the first challenger and thus became the next challenger of the WWE Champion Big by winning the match.

Rollins has long been considered a 'crown jewel' of the WWE roster (pun intended). He was hand-picked to be a future star many years ago, and he has certainly lived up to the hype. But his recent run has really been a great evolution in his era as an elite superstar.

He needed this change to grow his character, and he has taken full advantage of it. During his time with WWE, Rollins has been known by many names. He's been 'The Messiah', 'The Kingslayer', and much more. But his current role probably fits him much better than any persona that he has ever had before. He's been able to unleash a character who is not only notorious but also humorous.

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