RAW: New challenger for Big E


RAW: New challenger for Big E

After the events of Crown Jewel, what will happen in this first red show of the new vintage? The evening opens with the entrance of the WWE CHAMPION BIG E! The former New Day member, after having filed the McIntyre case, says he is ready for a new challenge ...

AND SETH ROLLINS (always dressed in a sober manner) shows up! The Monday Night Messiah wants a titled chance, but the Alpha Unicorn remembers the defeat against Edge in Saudi Arabia and Seth invites him to be a champion and to fight against everything and everyone.

What's next for Big E?

REY MYSTERIO IS COMING! The Mexican reminds everyone that he is still a former champion... BUT KEVIN OWENS AND FINN BALOR ARE HERE! The ring is chock full of stars: what could possibly happen? Exactly ...

FIGHT !!! The four lead each other like blacksmiths even if it is Rollins who runs away... SONYA DEVILLE ARRIVES ON THE INTERNSHIP! The executive establishes a Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match in tonight's Main Event between the four protagonists, with the winner becoming the first challenger of Big E!

The RK-Bro put their RAW Tag Team Championships on the line against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode later in the night. The heels tried to take control early, but Riddle didn’t allow them to keep the upper hand for long.

The veterans eventually isolated Orton, but The Viper fought back to create separation. Riddle went on a roll soon after and hit a few brilliant moves. The two teams traded some finishers before Riddle pinned Ziggler with a saddle pin.

The ending suggests that the rivalry will go on for a little longer. It all started when E cut a promo where he addressed the fact that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are again drafted to a brand that he is not a part of. The champ began to talk about his match and how it was the most physically grueling match of his career.

However, he made sure the Almighty Bobby Lashley fell down to his knees. In this way, E came to show the world that he is the rightful WWE Champion. However, before the champ could take a breather, his next challenger came down to declare himself.

“This man is no joke. He’s a 2-time WWE Champion and a literal swordsman, Drew McIntyre,” says Big E. Without any further ado, Big E called out McIntyre to the ring.

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