RAW: Becky Lynch isn't safe yet

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RAW: Becky Lynch isn't safe yet

The second part of RAW opens with the arrival in the ring of the winner of the sleazy Queen's Crown ... ZELINA VEGA, indeed ... QUEEN ZELINA !!! Muneca makes her entrance with her crown and cloak and says she doesn't know which queen to play ...

BUT A FEW LATER DOUDROP ARRIVES THAT WANTS AN IMMEDIATE REMATCH !!! -Doudrop Vs Queen Zelina After initial domination by Eva Marie's former pupil, Muneca tries to tear the protective pad on the corner, but is stopped by the referee ...

BUT ZELINA TAKES THE SCEPTER AND HITS DOUDROP WITH THE DISTRACTED REFEREE ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made her appearance as the Red brand champion for the first time since the night after Money in the Bank 2020.

She had an awkward exchange with Charlotte Flair on Friday night that saw the two women swap their titles.

Becky Lynch made her appearance

In the ring comes the RAW CHAMPION (new I would say after the exchange of titles) BECKY LYNCH!

The Man claims to have regained that belt he never lost (truth) and mocks the Houston public by reiterating that he will defeat all rivals ... BUT BIANCA BELAIR IS COMING! EST provokes the Irishman and claims that she is nobody without that belt!

Becky, annoyed, kindly calls her no good and… TAKE THE FIGHT !!! Bianca seems to have the advantage, but Lynch puts her fingers in her eyes and ... DDT THROUGH A BUN OF KENDO BY BECKY !!! The Man concludes by stating that Bianca will have the opportunity of her, but she will not tonight!

Backstage we find KEVIN OWENS and FINN BALOR joking with each other, but repeating how essential it is to win tonight's match! The Man managed to escape and accepted Belair’s challenge for a RAW Women’s Championship match on another night.

It was later confirmed that the two superstars would compete in a championship match next Monday. The move certainly raised some eyebrows, exactly like when Charlotte got drafted to SmackDown despite being the Raw Women’s Champion.

In a curious mirror scenario, Becky, who is currently the SmackDown Women’s Champion but has been picked by the red brand of WWE now. It will be interesting to see how WWE deals with this situation. However, the other picks of this round, namely Sasha Banks, Bobby and The Usos, were all kept by their respective brands.

There were reports of ‘The Almighty’ of making the switch to SmackDown, but that was not the case as he got picked by Raw during this round.