*Spoiler* Keith Lee is back with a different attitude

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*Spoiler* Keith Lee is back with a different attitude

The third and final part begins with a movie that aired a few hours before the show started, where REY MYSTERIO and DOMINIK are interrupted by AUSTIN THEORY, who wants to take a selfie. The two Mexicans refuse and Austin openly challenges Rey's son, with the latter accepting immediately!

-Dominik Vs Austin Theory Initially balanced meeting where Theory takes the initiative, before the Mexican awakens. Dominik performs a nice Buldog on the corner and climbs on the third string ... BUT IT FALLS VERY BAD!!! Keith Lee returned to WWE RAW once again in hopes of making it big.

This time, he returned as Keith "Bearcat" Lee to debut his new character. Lee hit a few big moves before ending Alexander’s misery. He hit the Big Bang Catastrophe to pick up an easy one-sided win. After the match, Cedric’s partner Shelton Benjamin entered the ring to confront Lee.

However, he backed down moments later.

Keith Lee returned to WWE RAW

Keith Lee is one of the top performers in WWE today. However, the creative team has failed to put him over in recent months. The superstar has now turned heel and could soon go after Big E’s WWE Championship.

Austin smells the scent of victory and makes it official with his ATL !!! It makes the post-match laugh with Austin Theory wanting to take a selfie of his opponent, but the referee chases him away! Backstage we see the RK-BRO COUPLE CHAMPIONS ready for the titled challenge, even if RANDY ORTON does more than he should to keep RIDDLE at bay!

In the meantime, let's see a promo of VEER, nearing its debut in RAW! This rubbed Tozawa the wrong way, and he grabbed the mic to cut a promo where he demanded to face former WWE 24/7 Champions. “I demand a match tonight.

A match with R-Truth. I demand a match with Drew Gulak. With Drake Maverick. I don’t care who it is…” Akira Tozawa said. It looks like Akira Tozawa got more than he bargained for after harping at the 24/7 Champion Reggie to come back out for a proper match, which ultimately led Keith “Bearcat” Lee to answer the call.

As we noted last week, the name “Bearcat” is a tribute to Bearcat Wright, a popular African American pro wrestler from the 1950s and 1960s. He also became the first-ever Black World Champion in the professional wrestling business.

With this recent name change, we can expect that the WWE is planning on pushing Keith Lee to the moon. With the Hurt Business back in the game, maybe we will see Lee in the faction. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.