RAW: The RK-Bro put their titles on the line


RAW: The RK-Bro put their titles on the line

RAW Tag Team Championship: RK-Bro (c) Vs The Dirty Dawgs Orton is immediately determined, but suffers an impropriety and is made the object of Roode for several minutes. The Viper breaks free and relieves Riddle, who balances the situation thanks to his speed!

Roode goes on the attack ... SUDDEN RKO BY ORTON ... SUPERKICK BY ZIGGLER ... VERY STRANGE ROLLUP BY RIDDLE .... 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! THE RK-BRO REMAIN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS !!! And we have reached the main event of the evening ... Who will become the first contender of Big E? N ^ 1 Contender for the WWE Championship, Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match: Finn Balor Vs Kevin Owens Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Seth Rollins All four focus on the stairs and hit each other violently, while a table is also pulled out!

The RK-Bro won again

Last week there was only a hint of RK-Bro disbanding, but this week made things crystal clear. Randy Orton wanted no part in RK-Bro and wanted to do things alone. At one point we see the 4 athletes on the scale, but no one can prevail!

The ending is very tight: Owens hits Balor with a STUNNER and sends him out of the game! Not happy, KO takes Mysterio and ... POWERBOMB ON THE TABLE !!! Kevin goes back to the ring and climbs the ladder ... HE'S ABOUT TO TAKE THE CONTRACT ...

BUT ROLLINS COMES !!! The two bring each other close to the apron .. AND SETH CRASHES KO ON A LADDER AND GETS CRUSHED !!! Balor and Rollins remain in the game! The Prince takes advantage and tries to climb ... BUT ROLLINS TAKES IT ...

CURB STOMP TO SIGN !!! Seth climbs the ladder ... ROLLINS IS THERE ... ROLLINS IS THERE ... AND ROLLINS WINS !!! SETH ROLLINS BECOMES BIG E'S FIRST CHALLENGE !!! Rollins celebrates as WWE BIG E CHAMPION arrives to congratulate him, but Seth laughs at him and the Alpha Unicorn refuses the handshake!

And on these images ends the episode of RAW! It's great that the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships are in the spotlight once more. It's great to see actual tag teams get a chance, like Otis and Gable, The Dirty Dawgz, and The Street Profits.

Somehow, the tag team division has taken a bit of a backseat in the recent past, and this was a great way to remind the world about the depth of talent in the WWE RAW roster. That's the good part.

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