Vince Russo criticizes Raw's repetitiveness

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Vince Russo criticizes Raw's repetitiveness

During the last episode of Legion of Raw the former member of the creative team of the red show Vince Russo had a critical attitude towards the show and especially towards the Main Event. The last episode of Raw saw a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match between Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio and Russo criticized both the choice and the way to play this match, which with the victory of Rollins sanctioned the next challenger for WWE Champion Big E.

Big E kicked off the Raw after Crown Jewel and issued an open challenge for the WWE Title. Rollins answered the challenge and Big E said that he lost to Edge at Crown Jewel and that meant he had to the 'back of the line.'

Vince Russo was not convinced of this meeting because none of the four wrestlers have a defined character and there was no real storyline between them.

Vince Russo slams Raw

Here are his words: "Seth Rollins has had about 27 character changes, I don't know who Kevin Owens is, if he's a Prizefighter or if he has some other role now.

Finn Balor? One week is a Demon and the other is not, I really don't understand. Rey Mysterio? I think he is there because we are talking about a legend that he has made so much in the past. But currently, none of these wrestlers has a real role in the company.

So there is no story behind it, I have seen several wrestling matches in my life, why should I see this? Then, a Ladder Match, what will it give me new that I've never seen? They are thirty minutes that conclude the show but that in the end bring something seen on several occasions.

I don't care who wins, I can easily spend the next few hours and the last hour of Raw doing karaoke on Twitch, maybe join me." In the course of Legion of Raw, Vince Russo also had words of criticism for the 'Messiah' in particular, Seth Rollins.

Russo criticized the wrestler's way of posing as Heel, his laugh and a way that shows him more like a Joker than a terrible Heel. They started citing their past Title reigns before Rollins attacked Owens. A brawl broke out and Seth escaped a Stunner from KO.

Owens chased after Rollins but Deville came out and set up a Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match between Balor, Rollins, KO, and Mysterio for tonight's main event.