Latest update on RAW's ratings

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Latest update on RAW's ratings

In recent months, WWE has had to contend with a heavy drop in ratings, a decline mainly affecting its Monday night show, the Monday Night RAW. The Crown Jewel Pay Per View was held in Saudi Arabia last week and the company advertised today's Monday Night RAW as 'a new era' This week it was first forecasting Smackdown's traded wrestlers through the Draft, and the company was expecting sizable increases and numbers.

One of the characters with the most following of the WWE is undoubtedly Seth Rollins, a newcomer from the blue show and destined to become a top wrestler on the Monday night show. A good part of the episode was centered around his situations and Raw saw him come out as the winner and protagonist of the Main Event and sanctioned him as the next challenger of the WWE Champion Big E.

Latest news on RAW

As reported by Showbuzz Daily, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw saw a whopping 1,658 million viewers, up from last week's 1,593 million. Nonetheless, this situation is not positive for Vince McMahon's company: this week the Major League Baseball Playoffs were missing and the company expected a substantial increase in ratings, a number that did not happen and that brought out another worrying figure .

Over the course of the show, the ratings numbers have gradually dropped and despite an increase in the 18-49 demographic (last week was among the worst ever) there was no need to be optimistic. WWE started the show with 1.727 million, dropped in hour 2 to 1.658 million, and collapsed for the Main Event with only 1.580 million viewers.

For the occasion, the WWE had staged a truly Main Event Match, a Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match to decree the challenger to the WWE Championship and among the protagonists were Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor and finally Kevin Owens, all stars from SmackDown.

Despite this, the result is not the best and the company will have to study new techniques to improve their ratings. Just like the viewership, the 18-49 demo for WWE RAW went down every hour of the show, starting with 0.48 in hour one, dropping to 0.47 in hour two, and bottoming out with 0.46 in hour three.

The last two weeks of RAW have seen hour one be the worst in terms of viewership and demo, but that flip-flopped this week. It seems the viewership patterns for the show are returning to normal.