Kurt Angle praises Adam Cole

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Kurt Angle praises Adam Cole

Kurt Angle still represents a point of reference for many superstars today. The former Olympic gold medalist has written memorable pages of WWE history, combining his formidable technique with a magnetic personality. His career ended with more than a few regrets at WrestleMania 35, where he was defeated against all odds by Baron Corbin.

Angle had designated John Cena as his last opponent before hanging up his boots, but the Bostonian's countless Hollywood engagements prevented the plan from materializing. As if that weren't enough, physical problems severely limited Kurt during his last WWE stint.

He himself revealed that he will soon have to undergo neck fusion surgery to ease the pain that has plagued him for years. The former WWE world champion has always said he is proud to have had a special influence on the careers of so many wrestlers.

Recently, Angle was one of four names selected by Adam Cole to 'form' his 'Mount Rushmore' The AEW star also named Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk and Shawn Michaels.

Kurt Angle opens up on Adam Cole

“Well, I have to admit it's great.

I am delighted that Adam Cole was inspired by me during his wrestling career. I hope you treat fans of him exactly the way I treated mine, that is, with enormous respect. You have to appreciate your fans and I am convinced that Adam will follow my example,” said Kurt Angle in the latest edition of his now-famous podcast.

Kurt has been impressed with Cole's work so far, thanks to which he has dominated NXT for several years. “Only a special athlete could monopolize NXT for so many years, which is why Adam Cole is in my Top 10 of today's superstars.

Now he has moved to All Elite Wrestling and I guarantee you that he will have an exceptional career." The effects of the global pandemic have forced WWE to thin out its roster over the past year and a half. Several illustrious names have had to look for a new location.

Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin' neck at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and he signed with WWE in 1998 after initially being reluctant to take up pro wrestling. As history suggests, Kurt Angle had one of the best rookie years in WWE and went on to have a Hall of Fame career as a professional wrestling performer in the years that followed.

Gable Steveson can work towards emulating Kurt Angle's success story in pro wrestling, and he's given enough hints regarding his desire to be the second coming of the WWE Legend.