WWE legally locks The Undertaker


WWE legally locks The Undertaker

One of the most important characters in the entire history of WWE and in the world of pro-wrestling in general is undoubtedly The Undertaker, a character staged for 30 years by the wrestler Mark Calaway, who retired only last year, in the '2020 edition of the Survivor Series, the same ppv in which he had made his debut exactly 30 years earlier, alongside the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.

After a stratospheric career, which no other athlete in the world can boast of having had, with five-star matches, five-star feuds and even a streak of Wrestlemania victories up to 21 in a row, then interrupted by Brock Lesnar on 21st 1, The Undertaker said enough, after 30 years of honorable service, wanting to devote himself to his family and his private life.

Apparently, however, WWE does not want to give up its Undertaker, its history, the history of the character and above all the income derived from the name affiliated with all the gadgets, merchandising and TV rights on the image of the company's Undertaker.

In the last few days, in fact, WWE has wanted to make it 100% official and legal, going to completely lock down the name "Undertaker" for several sections.

Backstage news on The Undertaker

In the last few hours, it has emerged that WWE has literally wanted to armor its most famous The Undertaker tooth and nail, with several markets and companies that will not be able to sell a puppet, a DVD, a t-shirt or any character to have this.

name, unless endorsed by WWE. On October 22, 2021, WWE purchased the rights for the following: "Mark for UNDERTAKER registration rights intended for toy covers, names, action figures and related accessories; dolls; action figure cases; wrestling toy ring; play-set for use with action figures, toy vehicles; board games; electronic video game units and all tools adopted with the use of monitors or displays; tablet and pc games; construction games; cards; puzzles; soft toys; stuffed toys; toy belts; knee and elbow pads for use athletic; wristbands; masks; Christmas tree decorations; spinning games; arcade games; kites; spring-head dolls; puppets; card games; toy guitars; water guns; vinyl products for playing in the pool; supplies for dolls; skateboards, toy scooters, paper games; toy collectible belts." When asked about his nine-year-old daughter Kaia possibly joining WWE, The Undertaker said he doesn't mind if that's what she truly wants one day.

"I tell you what, I don't know, I mean, if it's in her heart and that's what she really truly wants to do one day, I'll do my best to coach her up and obviously her mom will too, but yeah," said Undertaker. "We'll see what happens. We have a long way to go before actually worrying about that."

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