What's next for WALTER?

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What's next for WALTER?

After more than 850 days, the now-former NXT UK champion, WALTER, suffered his first defeat against Ilja Dragunov, in one of the most anticipated matches of NXT TakeOver 36, over the weekend of Summerslam, where the European WWE had to cede the throne of champion of the highest category of NXT UK to the Russian of the federation.

After this sensational defeat, which fans had been waiting for two years now, WALTER has disappeared from circulation, no longer being seen in the rings of any event of the McMahon-owned company, with his fans waiting for news for some time, especially for know where the athlete will end, now that he has lost his beloved title for two years.

According to the latest rumors, the Austrian could in fact soon leave the European version of NXT, to be included in the counterpart show in the United States, or even to move to the main roster, even if the athlete was not included in the company's draft.

last month.

Update on WALTER's future

If until a few years ago the experts were certain that WALTER would never have landed at NXT in the United States or in the main roster because the athlete did not want to move to the other side of the world, in recent months this common thought seems to have changed with several sources indicating that WALTER's left for the States weeks ago, already.

According to Wrestling News, WALTER has been advertised for several Smackdown live events this November. In particular, the Austrian's name emerged on the WWE's English tour, with the stops of November 7 in Liverpool, November 8 in Leeds and 9 in Nottingham, which already see the name of the former NXT UK Champion in the list of participants in events.

At this point, this means that WWE could move its talent to the main roster, like simply using it only in live events not captured by cameras, just because WALTER is a very well known character in Europe and would thus be a welcome appearance for the WWE Universe overseas.

Booker T is eagerly awaiting the battle between WWE and AEW, and he wants WWE to bring WALTER to the main roster to help the company. "It's going to be many more nights like this. It's time to get WALTER over here - as I said, I'm an international guy, I need the international people.

A guy like WALTER will beat up everybody on the AEW roster. I know everybody's going to get pis*ed off at me (laughs)," said Booker T.