EC3 Finally Responds to Ambrose’s Question

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EC3 Finally Responds to Ambrose’s Question

A few wrestlers have the ability to cut awesome promos. They ask funny questions to other wrestlers and usually use funny one liners. Funny wrestlers are often very entertaining for the fans! Professional wrestling is all about entertainment, and the best wrestlers are able to deliver quality entertainment.

Promotions usually push wrestlers that can cut great promos, as those types of wrestlers can make a promotion a lot of money and help sell PPV buys. Dean Ambrose is one of the top WWE talents of the world. He is great at cutting promos and has a funny gimmick that is very entertaining for the fans.

Ambrose is also terrific in the ring and is able to pull of fantastic moves. He is very good at selling moves and is proficient at acting insane. During a Moment of Bliss episode, Alexa Bliss was interviewing EC3 but was interrupted by Dean Ambrose, who started interviewing EC3.

One of the questions Ambrose asked EC3 was, “Where are EC1 and 2?" EC3 didn’t answer that question immediately, but he recently answered Ambrose by using a picture on Twitter. He posted pictures of John Cena during Cena’s EC1 and EC2 days.

The caption read, “I’m the prototype of memes”. During those days, Cena was doing his semi-robotic gimmick. We might see EC3 wrestle Ambrose again someday. They have already wrestled each other, and EC3 was able to beat Ambrose.