Former WWE star discusses Goldberg's wrestling style

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Former WWE star discusses Goldberg's wrestling style
Former WWE star discusses Goldberg's wrestling style

One of the most brutal wrestlers ever in the WWE ring and in the pro-wrestling rings in general, he responds to the name of Bill Goldberg, already included in the WWE Hall of Fame, for some years, but who still fights sporadically in the WWE, just as happened this year at Summerslam or more recently at Crown Jewel, where in both cases Bobby Lashley was his designated opponent.

One of the peculiarities of Bill Goldberg's career has always been the unmistakable style on the WCW rings, but also on those of the WWE, that is the ability to be concrete, impactful and tough against every opponent, with a so-called "stiff" style, which a lot of athletes and a lot of fans don't like it.

Over the years, in fact, Goldberg has been indicted and accused of having caused various injuries to opponents, first of all the one that closed the career of Bret Hart, hit in the wrong way by Da Man, with a kick that definitively closed his career in WCW.

Bryan Clark on Goldberg

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has revealed that he has just one more match left on his current WWE contract. If many have always criticized Da Man for his too stiff style, a bit like that of Brock Lesnar, which is however a fundamental characteristic of their characters, someone else wanted instead to praise Goldberg, going to give him a lot of compliments in the his latest interview.

Let's talk about Bryan Clark, also known as Adam Bomb in WWF or Wrath and Bryan Clark in WCW, who in his latest interview released to the microphones of the UnSkripted broadcast, wanted to say about Goldberg's style in the ring: "I love working with Bill.

Brian Adams and I were very stiff, snug or whatever you want to call it. This is simply because it came from my military background and college football and all of those things. I liked it that way. I had to be so snug. This is how I was trained and Brian had done the same thing in dojos all over Japan." Apparently, not everyone disagrees with Bill Goldberg when it comes to being very concrete in pro-wrestling rings, despite the ease of hurting one's opponent with these styles.

But it is also true, that certain characters have had fame and glory, thanks to these styles, so by changing their way of working in the ring, they would probably never have the same success. Goldberg's current run in WWE has been met with a mixed response from the fans.

He has often faced criticism for putting his opponents at risk in the ring during their matches. That being said, one can't deny the fact that Goldberg remains a huge name, and fans still tune in to see him.


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