Rey Mysterio wants a feud with Finn Balor

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Rey Mysterio wants a feud with Finn Balor

One of the characters who is moving more and more towards the avenue of sunset in the WWE rings is the now-legendary Rey Mysterio, who became very famous already in the late 90s and early years. 2000, when he shuttled between Japan, WCW and eventually landed on the WWE rings, becoming one of the most famous faces of the Mexican market and the lightweight category.

Over the course of his more than twenty-year career, Rey has managed to make great achievements, such as several world titles won, an edition of the Royal Rumble won and several historical matches and feuds staged with several other big names of the Stamford-based company, like Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Big Show, Randy Orton and Kurt Angle.

Apparently, however, at the moment there would be a big name in the list of athletes who have not yet had a great feud with the San Diego elf, we are talking about the first Universal champion of the McMahon federation, Finn Balor.

Rey Mysterio opens up on Finn Balor

In his latest interview with the Graham GSM Matthews of Bleacher Report, Dominik's father wanted to answer the question of who was the opponent he wanted to challenge in the WWE at the moment, with Rey Mysterio's response being: "You pulled his name right out of my mouth.

I have already said this in the past: Finn Balor is definitely the one I would love to have with me in the ring to make a program. I think he's an incredible talent and I think our styles go perfectly in sync giving the fans something special to remember." Being both very fast, agile and dedicated to aerial moves, for fans of the WWE Universe, a feud between the two athletes on the WWE main roster would be truly something unique, never before seen in the rings of the number one company in the world.

Who knows if WWE will catch the ball after these declarations and if they will be able to build something with the two athletes, before Rey Mysterio's retirement from in-ring competitions. The young WWE Superstar also stated that Rey's nitpicking sometimes frustrates him.

Check out his comments below: "Me personally, I would not like to get in the ring with my dad, just because I think there's so much more that we can do still. But, what you see on TV is how we argue, how we fight, and how we bump heads, and that's 100% us.

He literally nitpicks freaking everything. Sometimes, it gets to the point where I'm like, no cameras are on us, and I'm just like, "I get it pops, I see what I'm doing here," It's frustrating, but at the same time, I understand where he's coming from, as a dad trying to help me out."