Tyson Fury may return to WWE soon

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Tyson Fury may return to WWE soon

Over the last few decades, but also a little further over the years, WWE has had several partnerships with some of the most famous boxers in the world, such as Floyd Mayweather Junior, Tyson Fury and even Mike Tyson, all world champions of the their own categories, at different times and all landed on the WWE pro-wrestling rings, complete with fights, fights and matches that took place in the rings for a bit throughout the history of the company.

The last boxer to have set foot on a WWE ring, to have a match against Braun Strowman, in one of the past Crown Jewel PPVs, was Tyson Fury, an English talent who dotes on the world of wrestling discipline and which apparently may not have finished with WWE ring matches yet.

Latest news on Tyson Fury

Apparently, despite not being seen in WWE programs for a few years, Tyson Fury would have remained very close to the McMahons, so much so that he contacted the same Chairman several times a year.

In his latest interview with BBC Newcastle for the occasion, Tyson Fury's wife said: “He often hears Vince McMahon. He literally loves him. My kids are huge WWE fans. For Tyson doing those things was like going on a trip to Disneyland, the kids loved going there and meeting all the wrestlers.

To be a great father, you need to be able to make your children's dreams come true and he did. I think this was one of the reasons he did this and obviously also because he was a young fan of the discipline himself. So he'll probably do it again.

I'm sure he'll be hitting the WWE rings one of these days." Apparently, the doors of WWE have not closed yet for Tyson Fury, quite the contrary. According to the latest statements from Triple H, Drew McIntyre and the world boxing champion himself, his career as a professional wrestler is only just beginning, with several feuds that could arrive overnight in the rings of the number one company at the world.

The British professional boxer first appeared in WWE at the premiere of SmackDown on Fox. He was a fan and was sitting at ringside when he stared down Braun Strowman during his match. Later on, Strowman would throw Dolph Ziggler on Fury, infuriating the boxer, and thus igniting a feud between the two.

After the match, Fury jumped the barricade but was stopped by security. When Fury later demanded an apology from Strowman, the two men traded insults and things quickly escalated as they engaged in a brawl.