How does Bill Goldberg still be so fit?

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How does Bill Goldberg still be so fit?

Despite being over 54, Goldberg still manages to compete at the highest level and take on superstars much younger than him. Bill is a major WWE attraction, although his appearances have become increasingly sporadic in recent years.

His contract with the Stamford federation runs until 2023 and includes two matches a year. The former Universal champion, who had battled Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble, made his umpteenth comeback in the post-PPV episode of Raw Money in the Bank.

Goldberg started a very heated feud with Bobby Lashley, which culminated in the clash between the two which took place at SummerSlam. On that occasion, 'The All Mighty' brutally attacked Gage (Goldberg's son) and Bill promised him revenge on Crown Jewel.

The showdown in Saudi Arabia was full of spectacle and twists, so much so that it left the entire WWE Universe speechless. In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, former WCW star Bryan Clark recalled his work experience with Goldberg.

The latter's style has often been the subject of criticism during his career.

Goldberg shone at Crown Jewel

“I've always loved working with Bill Goldberg. His wrestling style was ideal for showing off my skills” - said Clark.

Speaking in the conversation, former WWE and WCW wrestler Shane Douglas explained why Bill's bouts are so short. "Goldberg is an exceptional athlete and I am happy to see that - despite advancing in age - he is still a top performer.

Goldberg's matches - like Brock Lesnar's - can't be too long. Bill has never been a wrestler capable of 60 minutes in the ring, nor will he ever be. The same goes for Lesnar and many other superstars. They are very good at showing off their strengths, so it wouldn't make sense to stretch the broth too much." McMahon called for the bell to ring early in the WWE title match against Shawn Michaels while Hart was locked in a Sharpshooter.

The Chairman wanted to get the title from Bret at any cost so he wouldn't take the title with him to WCW. The Hitman had agreed on a deal with WCW as WWE could no longer honor his lucrative deal. Bret Hart's time with WCW lasted just a couple of years as he was legitimately injured by Goldberg in a match at Starrcade in 1999.

It resulted in the WWE Hall of Famer having post-concussion syndrome. He was unable to compete, and WCW eventually terminated his contract. Hart retired and blamed Goldberg for his career being cut short.