Daniel Bryan reveals why he didn't retire from wrestling

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Daniel Bryan reveals why he didn't retire from wrestling

In 2016, the news of former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan's retirement from the world of wrestling shocked all his fans. After his retirement from the ring, however, Danielson remained in WWE as General Manager of Smackdown, with a constant and stable presence on the show.

During a recent interview with WEEI, he himself explained why he would retire if he didn't take on the GM role.

The statements of Daniel Bryan

AEW star Daniel Bryan recently took to Twitter to show his eagerness to fight NJPW legend Minoru Suzuki on the Buy-In of this week's AEW's Rampage.

The news of AEW booking Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki has excited wrestling fans worldwide. The duo, both masters of their craft, are expected to put on a phenomenal performance for fans watching their match live via AEW's YouTube channel.

On near retirement from the wrestling world: "It was really difficult because I think I would have stayed out of the ring forever if WWE hadn't made me General Manager of Smackdown. I love wrestling a lot and didn't want to retire, but I was forced to.

They hired me as General Manager and I was on the show every week. I think if I hadn't stayed in Smackdown, I would have started my own little organic farm or something. I would have thought like, 'Okay, I had a lot of fun wrestling, but now a new part of my life begins.

very difficult for me. I started doing various medical treatments and a couple of years later I returned to wrestling in the wrestling ring. My passion for the discipline is so deep that I tried in every way to stay in this world and I did it." Danielson also spoke of AEW: "One of the advantages of AEW is that I have to play fewer matches because I like to go fast.

I don't care if there are 20,000 people like Arthur Ashe Stadium or if there are 85, I have fought in front of fewer than 100 people several times. Fans still pay their money to see the show and they want maximum effort from you.

It's hard to back down for people like me. Few matches a year but of quality. I have to make sure I give the audience something that they are happy to have paid their money for." In the last episode of Dynamite, Bryan Danielson has recently reached the semifinals of the tournament that decrees the first challenger to the maximum AEW title held by Kenny Omega, which he has already faced.

In the semifinals, to continue his rise to the title, the American Dragon will face Eddie Kingston, who defeated Lance Archer in the first round.