Edge's beautiful gesture

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Edge's beautiful gesture

Referee Jessika Carr made history at WWE Crown Jewel 2021 as the first female referee to work in the ring during a match in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the woman refereed the Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and Edge and the King of the Ring final.

Appearing on Table Talk, she revealed a beautiful thing about her experience and about the Rated R Superstar: "It's something that has happened progressively, starting with Summerslam, to be honest with you. At this point in her career, Edge likes to work with people he is comfortable with, in the ring as far as referees are concerned, and that person has always been Charles Robinson for the longest time.

At Summerslam, Charles wasn't supposed to be there, so there was an argument between him and Edge, 'Hey, you want to give Jessika a chance? I think Jessika will be a good option. 'Edge has given me the opportunity to learn, to be in the ring with someone who has gone through all the things in his career.

That was the first step, doing it at Summerslam and I took this opportunity, of course, to do all the things and I got a lot of compliments from that and it was amazing." And again Jessika added: "The second chapter was in Madison Square Garden, and that was very shocking because Charles was there and I don't know whose decision it was or what the story was, but then being at Madison Square Garden and having Edge vs.

Seth was the icing on the cake. Again I took my chance at Madison Square Garden and was literally in the Gorilla with Edge and Edge asking Vince, 'Can we have her in Saudi Arabia?' Vince said, 'Yeah, I think we can make it happen.'

After that, they just had to communicate it to those in charge in Saudi Arabia and it had to go through further checks and steps to make sure everything was okay and the week before. I heard 'You have the cage [Hell in a Cell match] in Arabia."

What's next for Edge?

Jessika pointed out that she didn't want to be too excited about things until she was in the ring and the cage was going down because she knows how many times and quickly plans can change.

Damian Priest wants to defend his United States Championship against WWE Hall of Famer, Edge. Priest defeated T-BAR via disqualification in a United States Championship contender’s match on the latest episode of RAW. Edge, who moved from SmackDown to RAW in the recent WWE Draft, did not appear on this week's show.