Charlotte Flair has been pulled from upcoming media duties

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Charlotte Flair has been pulled from upcoming media duties

After everything that has happened in the last week, between the post SmackDown fight with Becky Lynch, the accusations of personality change, becoming a snob hated by her colleagues, Charlotte Flair is living in hell. The Queen has also totally disappeared from social media, where she is usually very active just to keep fans updated on her workout or to share a sweet moment with her boyfriend Andrade, who also lashed out heavily against WWE.

Recently, a news came out that was spread by the journalist of Fightful, Sean Ross Sapp, who directly from his Twitter profile made it known to all wrestling fans that Charlotte Flair will not speak to journalists.

Charlotte Flair was recently involved in a backstage dispute

WWE is returning to the UK with a new tour from November 3-10 and Charlotte Flair has been heralded as one of the superstars who will fly overseas to battle on this tour.

Wrestlers usually have the opportunity to talk to journalists, as happened last time with for example Becky Lynch, who had also told interesting background on her return to Summerslam. Unfortunately, however, for Charlotte comes yet another slap in the face that further isolates her from the rest of her colleagues, who already have problems with her, especially the women are quite envious and even took pictures of her in the locker room, as reported by Andrade.

after his release. If we want to see it in a more positive way, this WWE gesture could protect her and the company from uncomfortable questions. Sean tweeted: "Charlotte doing the interviews this week should be interesting", only to reply to her own tweet with "And they pulled her out [of the media interviews]." We'll see in the end how things turn out for Charlotte, who still has the belt for now, but it is unknown how long she will go on with her reign.

It should be noted, however, that, despite this delicate situation, excluding one of your champions from the round of interviews as if it mattered little, is yet another proof that if perhaps Charlotte has changed her attitude, there will be a reason and that all the fault it cannot be poured on her.

According to PWTorch sources, Flair has been "increasingly difficult to work with." Another WWE superstar said that no female star wants to work with her in any capacity. According to Dave Meltzer, Charlotte Flair's backstage situation is tricky.

If WWE punishes Charlotte Flair, they would have to do the same to other wrestlers who are difficult backstage. “It’s a tricky situation, isn’t it? Does WWE just hand her over to AEW?,” said the source.