WWE Star Reveals: "I Don't Have A Good Relationship With Roman Reigns"

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WWE Star Reveals: "I Don't Have A Good Relationship With Roman Reigns"

The current Tag Team Champion on Raw, Matt Riddle is regarded by both WWE and fans of the company as one of the most interesting and promising wrestlers on the main roster. Since his arrival at NXT Riddle has often made sometimes compromising statements, even outside the ring.

We remember his words about Bill Goldberg but another of his targets in the past was the Tribal Chief and Universal Champion WWE Roman Reigns. These vitriolic statements certainly do not favor Riddle's rise in the company. Speaking on Cheap Heat's microphones, speaking with Peter Rosenburg, Riddle revealed that at the moment he is on bad terms with the Tribal Chief and that also for this reason the two are unlikely to be in the ring in the short term.

Matt Riddle's words on Roman Reigns

The RK-BRO member started this discussion: "We don't talk about it much but I think that both Roman Reigns and I are not at the right time to challenge each other right now. I think two years ago I wasn't even ready to stand next to or challenge Randy Orton, it was too early and I think it's the same with him now.

In the past, I tried to pimp with him but it seems that he doesn't like these people and so I think maybe I will have a relationship with him only at a later time." Riddle also talked about the human relationship with Roman Reigns and between the two things would not seem the best: "It's a bit like what happened with Bill Goldberg, initially the relationships weren't the best because of my words, then things calmed down and maybe this happens with Roman too." According to reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the relations between the two are not positive, Riddle is perhaps the most talented of the young but his previous verbal confrontations with Goldberg and Roman Reigns certainly do not go in his favor.

Now Roman Reigns is considered among the most historically important wrestlers not only in the ring but also in the locker room and this situation with Riddle certainly does not favor the rise of the young ex NXT.