Former WWE commentator shares how it was working with Vince McMahon

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Former WWE commentator shares how it was working with Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon made WWE the most important wrestling company in the world. In addition to revolutionizing this business, Vince has personally contributed to the discovery and rise of numerous talents who have written memorable pages of history.

The Stamford-based federation has not had an easy time in the last year and a half, thanks to the global pandemic and the vehement growth of All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan's company has significantly broadened its horizons in recent months, even hiring two absolute stars like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson).

WWE tried to respond with Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar's big returns to SummerSlam but had to release more than 50 superstars due to the effects of the Coronavirus. Working with Vince McMahon is not easy, as many athletes and insiders have remarked behind the scenes.

Adnan Virk has been a commentator on Raw for about six weeks, having taken over from Tom Phillips. After that time, Virk decided to step down, calling it too demanding for both himself and his family.

How Vince McMahon revolutionized wrestling

In a recent interview with Peter Klein for 'Coach Potato Diary', Adnan recalled that brief but intense experience.

“Vince McMahon is obviously a very demanding boss, there is no doubt about it. He knows exactly what he wants and is very intelligent. He has built a huge business, he has to be given it for a year, as well as being a tireless worker,” said Adnan Virk.

With no experience in the world of wrestling, Adnan began working as Raw's lead announcer on April 12th. Prior to joining WWE, he had collaborated with ESPN and other sports networks. “I didn't meet Vince on my first show.

I prepared in the best possible way and gave 100%, also benefiting from the help of Michael Cole. Vince gave me some pointers after my second show. I must admit that he was very polite and respectful, I can't say anything bad about him."