Young WWE star on how Brock Lesnar mentored him


Young WWE star on how Brock Lesnar mentored him

Brock Lesnar is certainly one of the biggest superstars in WWE history. In addition to this he is recognized to be a very reserved person and who hates 'the limelight' Nevertheless it must be said that The Beast Incarnate is very available to help the new generation and young people who are entering the world of wrestling.

This is the case of the young 21-year-old Gable Steveson, who grew up in the University of Minnesota as Lesnar and like Brock also became champion of the NCAA division. In addition to this, this summer, Gable won the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo in freestyle wrestling.

Gable Steveson's words about Brock Lesnar

During the last episode of After The Bell Gable talked to Corey Graves and discussed the advice, Brock Lesnar gave him: "Some time ago Brock Lesnar started preparing me for this long journey he knew I was going to take.

Before winning the national title, before winning the Olympic gold and Brock already in my first year of college told me not only to win but to choose my friends and people well, you have to have the right circle in this world.

Having such a person next to you, one who can be cataloged among the best in the world in this sector is something unique and useful." Currently, Gable Steveson has been cast in the latest Draft as the star of Monday Night Raw but has yet to debut on the red show.

Many think that Gable represents the future of this business and Vince McMahon has decided to bet strongly for WWE. Regarding his WWE entry, Steveson spoke: "Brock was very important for my final decision and his story impressed me a lot.

The road traveled by Brock Lesnar has served me and is helping me to build my personal path and my destiny. It was a huge help from this point of view and it was cool to get some important advice from him."

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