Keith Lee on his move to the main roster

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Keith Lee on his move to the main roster

One of the many characters who have landed on the rings of Monday Night Raw during the last year, thus passing from the NXT rings to those of the main roster, responds to the name of Keith Lee, former absolute champion of NXT, as well as former North American champion always on the third roster of the McMahon company.

After a start with a bang, which had seen Keith Lee even receive a couple of wins over the legendary Randy Orton, it seemed that Lee's career among the WWE big names could take off right away, but the covid first and several burning defeats then, they arrested the athlete's momentum, tying it to small parts of the mid-carding of the red show.

After being stopped for a long time due to a heart infection, brought precisely by the covid, contracted at the beginning of the year, Keith lee is back in the rings of the red show with a new name and a new attitude. We will now have to see what WWE will have in mind for him.

Keith Lee returned as his Bearcat persona

Keith Lee made his return to WWE tonight on Monday Night RAW, and it was confirmed that he is now known as Keith "Bearcat" Lee. The former NXT Champion accepted the open challenge that was laid down by Akira Tozawa moments after he was unable to capture the 24/7 Championship from Reggie.

In his latest interview, released to the microphones of Out of Character, with Ryan Satin, the Raw wrestler told of the good relationship he had with Triple H of the company and with the yellow roster, of which he said: "I would have spent much more time there, without a shadow of a doubt.

Let's be honest, I didn't have time to win the NXT title that time 6 weeks and I 'had to go' The reality is, I understand, the main roster was waiting for me, but Triple H tried everything to keep me there. more likely. But time was running out and some things are out of his power and his jurisdiction.

As for me, I'm always looking for a new challenge, so going to the main orster was fine for me and now I'm fine because I still have everything I need. If I had to make a random name of an athlete I would like to face, it would be Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins, for the Survivor Series and the public would be very excited, without being able to complain about anything.

In my personal opinion, I lack nothing, I have everything." Throughout the short match, WWE's commentary team made it clear that Lee's name was now "Bearcat" and mentioned it several times, whilst Lee himself had it written across the back of his wrestling tights.