Backstage news on Charlotte Flair's status

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Backstage news on Charlotte Flair's status

Charlotte Flair hasn't exactly had an easy year, between breast operations that have virtually saved her life, the covid that hit her making her jump Wrestlemania for the first time in years, the news of false pregnancy and the farewell of the boyfriend and father from WWE.

In all this, there are those who said that she no longer recognizes her than she does and that she seems to be a totally different person, who has isolated herself from the rest of her colleagues, especially from colleagues who no longer want to work with her.

She even thinks she may be close to AEW, even though she still has several years on her contract with the McMahon-owned company and letting her go would be a really silly move that could cost WWE a lot. But why did people come to be so unhappy with Charlotte, even leading her to totally change towards them?

New details on Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently.

Despite rumors that she could be AEW bound soon, her WWE contract still has more than a year left, and it guarantees a seven-figure income annually. As reported by Dave Meltzer, who now has the reputation of the journalist who guesses very few, in his Wrestling Observer Radio, the Queen is not so appreciated for two of the most foolish reasons in the world.

“There has been unhappiness for a long time between Flair and many, if not most, of the female wrestlers on the roster for little things and some things to do with match structure. One of the complaints is that Flair wants to be a heel, she is a heel, but she does babyface moves during matches, especially jumps or Moonsaults in and out of the ring." Meltzer said.

It was also added that many also felt that Charlotte should have helped Rhea Ripley become a bigger star, rather than relegating her to the tag team division. But Meltzer, who really activated his brain for once unlike some people, said Ripley's booking was mostly Vince McMahon's fault.

Charlotte Flair's inner circle has reportedly been pushing her to get out of her WWE contract. However, it is unlikely that the company will release the SmackDown Women's Champion so quickly. As we mentioned earlier, Charlotte Flair's current contract will not expire for another year, and FOX has shown great interest in having her on SmackDown.

WWE has built Flair to become the focal point of the women's division, and it is unlikely that they will let her go.