*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar receives an astronomical fine

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*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar receives an astronomical fine

After Crown Jewel, where Roman Reigns had managed to keep his WWE World Champion title tightly to his side, Brock Lesnar had gone to bestow all his frustration in Smackdown, the following evening, in the last episode week that saw the WWE Beast become a real fury, with a brawl played at ringside that hit WWE officials, referees and various insiders.

After hitting anyone who stood in front of him, including the referees of the company, Brock Lesnar had been suspended live by one of the highest officials of the company, Adam Pearce, with the same athlete who had then targeted Pearce, hitting him with good two F-5s in the blue show ring.

All this, of course, had to lead to even greater retaliation for Brock Lesnar, who apparently would also have been fined by the WWE, with a decidedly considerable amount, which the fighter can however easily afford.

Update on Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns did not have the best of times on WWE SmackDown last week.

He tried to provoke Brock Lesnar, but that didn’t turn out too well for The Tribal Chief. The Beast Incarnate launched a vicious attack on the Universal Champion and half the roster, resulting in his indefinite suspension.

While he will now stay away from television, Reigns will look to move on from the beatdown for a while. Roman Reigns will represent the Friday night show at Survivor Series and is expected to engage in a feud with Big E. The latter will most likely be Reigns’ next opponent unless he loses the WWE Championship before the battle between the two main roster brands.

In the episode aired tonight of Friday Night Smackdown, Adam Pearce appeared in his usual clothes, in a suit and tie, but this time behind an office desk, in a very serious promo that wanted to explain how Lesnar's actions of the last week are not acceptable in any way.

After uttering these words, Adam Pearce also reported that the wrestler was fined by the WWE for his unprofessional actions, a whopping one million dollars. Obviously, all this is part of the storyline, with the wrestler still earning over ten million dollars a year and therefore would have no problem paying such a hefty fine.

We will see what happens when Brock Lesnar returns on-screen, if he will do so by directly attacking Roman Reigns, trying to recover the Universal title immediately or if first, the Beast will pass again for Adam Pearce, after this umpteenth disagreement against him.

One thing is certain, after such a fine, Lesnar's anger and anger have only increased, so the wrestler will be all but calm.