*Spoiler* Roman Reigns very close to a huge record

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns very close to a huge record

One of the on-screen characters that WWE has been focusing on the most for over a year now is definitely Roman Reigns, Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown, who hasn't lost a title match for over 365 days, leading the show since he made his comeback at last year's edition of Summerslam.

After being joined by Paul Heyman and his cousins, the Usos, Roman Reigns has proclaimed himself Tribal Chief of the McMahon federation by force, establishing a storyline and a real reign of terror, which after a year still continues impassive and without the slightest crunch from the Samoan of the federation.

Roman's reign is so solid that it will soon overcome even the very long reign of brock Lesnar as a Universal champion, with The Beast who was, however, helped by the few appearances made and above all by the very few titled defenses he brought on stage, in his stint.

as a Universal champion that has exceeded 500 days.

Roman Reigns' one step away from the record

Currently, Roman Reigns has reached day 424 of his reign as WWE Universal Champion, with Brock Lesnar finishing his record on day number 504.

If Roman were to keep the title for another 80 days, he would come to equal Brock Lesnar's champion record, which the WWE is aiming for quite clearly. If we talk about combined days as a Universal champion, Brock Lesnar reaches 686 days recognized by the WWE, in a total of 3 kingdoms, while Roman Reigns has for the moment stopped at an altitude of 488, in only two kingdoms.

Given that the apparently confirmed WWE idea for Reigns' reign is to keep him the title of Universal champion at least until next year, it is very likely that at this rate the Tribal Chief will overtake Lesnar as well as in the ring also in the books.

company gold, to the happiness of its fans. Did the RAW Superstar make a surprise appearance on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown to confront Roman Reigns? This will allow the creative team to set the tone for Survivor Series and lay the foundation for the main event.

Fans have been excited to see a match between the two superstars for a long time. Tonight, we might finally see them involved in a much-awaited brawl. While Roman Reigns is busy setting up his feud with the WWE Champion, the writers will have enough time to build a credible challenger for the Universal Champion.

Many big names, including Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, and others, could make for great title contenders on WWE SmackDown.