Rob Van Dam compares AEW and ECW

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Rob Van Dam compares AEW and ECW

Former WWE superstar Rob Van Dam still fights sporadically in the independent circuit. On February 8, 2019, it was revealed that Van Dam would return to TNA, now named Impact Wrestling at their following pay-per-view, United We Stand.

At the event on April 4, 2019, he will team with Sabu to face Lucha Bros (Pentagón Jr. and Fénix). During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, RVD compared AEW and ECW: “I don’t see it. I think ECW was a gradual thing….

I don’t remember it making a boom out of nowhere like this seems to be. As far as the Monday Night Wars goes, c’mon, these guys don’t even have a TV deal yet. I wish them all the luck in the world – I hope they do well.

Over the years I’ve seen many companies want to come up and be a competing brand, but eventually the guy funding it decides he doesn’t want to keep losing money and he pulls out…They have to prove history wrong that they are different and that they’re gonna stick around.

People who have a whole lot of money usually don’t waste a lot of money. That’s why they have money." Van Dam has won 21 total championships, and is the only wrestler in history to have held the WWE Championship, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.