Charlotte Flair continues to make fun of fans and journalists

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Charlotte Flair continues to make fun of fans and journalists

In recent weeks, various situations around Charlotte Flair have made insiders, journalists from around the world, as well as WWE Universe fans around the world chat a lot, with the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, which had to defend itself from even quite heavy accusations against him.

In the last episodes of the blue show, it would seem that between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch there were some sparks, with the two champions of their respective rosters, who would no longer be in love and agree for some time and the thing would have been noticed even on-screen, in front of the company's cameras, especially when the Smackdown stock exchange corner was staged.

Furthermore, according to the latest rumors, it would seem that the situation around the champion of the blue show is not the best even in the backstage of the federation, with several professionals and several managers who after what happened with Becky, would have started to look at her in a rather negative way, in the last weeks.

Charlotte Flair was escorted out of the arena

As has happened several times in the past, Charlotte Flair is always at the center of the news from wrestling-based news sites around the world, with the Queen of the WWE who every time has to defend herself from something, true or false.

Even after these incessant rumors, which see her increasingly distant from the WWE and its management, Charlotte herself wanted to have her say, showing this gif on her personal Twitter account, making fun of everyone, from fans to journalists who they write such rumors, up to who creates them.

After reading h*t and cold about her broken relationship with Becky Lynch and seeing her increasingly distant from Stamford's company, but at the same time also closer to AEW than her partner Andrade, Charlotte has tried in a rather unsuccessful way to dampen the rumors, which continue incessantly, night and day, against him.

More details emerged about the incident via the rumor mill, with one outlet stating that no female star wanted to work with Flair. Another stated that WWE was in a "tricky situation" in regards to possibly punishing Flair after the Becky Lynch incident.

Rumors also suggested that Flair was escorted out of the arena following her confrontation with Lynch. Things escalated soon after, when there was another report that said that Sonya Deville was ready to fight The Queen after what happened during her segment with Lynch.