Jon Moxley recalls his last stint in WWE

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Jon Moxley recalls his last stint in WWE

Jon Moxley, also known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, talked about everything that went through his head during his last stint in Vince McMahon's federation. In fact, some pages of his book were made known directly on Twitter by some users.

Among these, the one who saw written some words that referred to his thoughts when his relationship with the Stamford federation was about to end. The Lunatic Fringe left WWE in 2019 to then marry AEW, where he found himself much better than on a creative level, having the opportunity to express himself more freely, also giving vent to many ideas that flashed in his mind.

Jon Moxley on his WWE career

Meanwhile, fans were left in a state of surprise when the former Dean Ambrose left WWE. In hindsight, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for him. Tony Khan acknowledged Jon Moxley's star potential and put a world championship around his waist.

Moreover, AEW's tendency to give some creative control to its wrestlers helped the Death Rider explore his character. He even went on to have some dream matches with legendary Japanese stars like Minoru Suzuki and Yuji Nagata, to name a few.

Jon Moxley has now found himself back in title contention as he is inching closer towards becoming the new #1 contender for the AEW world title. However, the AEW was not precisely the only idea in mind of the former US and WWE champion, as well as former AEW world champion.

From reading some pages of his autobiography we can read that the athlete was already thinking of a future in Japan, an idea that has always aroused great curiosity and admiration. Here are the words of him, which resume his thoughts at the end of the adventure at the court of Vince McMahon: "Fuck it, I think I'll go to Japan or do something similar.

I told Renee as I sipped my third strong drink. As of April 30th, I was saying I would definitely end my relationship with WWE. I've really been saying it for months, but every time I drank something I felt the need to repeat it, also to make her understand that everything I thought was absolutely true." Right after his much-desired farewell, Mox toured the world and had much more freedom in his character and the way he played him.

A longed-for and long-awaited farewell, as can be seen from the words that he himself has decided to report in his book. The adventures in NJPW, AEW and GCW, have shown how much this athlete can give to wrestling and to himself if put in the conditions to do well.