Did Bray Wyatt deserve to be released from WWE?

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Did Bray Wyatt deserve to be released from WWE?

The most sensational dismissal arrived in this 2021 for the WWE, was certainly that of the former WWE Champion and former Universal Champion: Bray Wyatt. After a fairly important career in the rings of the main roster of the federation, Wyatt had first become leader of the stable of the same name to his character, the Wyatt Family and then had brought on stage a completely new character for the rings of the Stamford-based company: the Fiend.

After making a planetary success with the character of the Fiend, loved by young and old, with more than one who was however terrified by the dark nature of the evil demon of the WWE rings, for a time the Fiend disappeared, before to sell the best l fire that had caused his death at the hands of Randy Orton and then for personal problems of Wyatt, still struggling with the death of his close friend Luke Harper/Brodie Lee.

Backstage News on Bray Wyatt

According to what was reported by the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, whose reporters went to speak directly with some sources inside the WWE, several insiders are not happy, but at least agreed with the dismissal of Bray Wyatt, given that the athlete according to them was deserving of a release, after the behavior of the last few months.

According to WWE internal sources, the situation was this: "It's not meant to be an excuse or a way to defend WWE, but just to talk about it. If you were to run this business and Windham was on your payroll, you would have released it too.

Between the backstage antics and the way he tapped millions and millions with medical problems, he really deserved to be released." According to these sources, who obviously remain anonymous for not receiving heat or retaliation against them, Wyatt would have carried on for months.

a behavior not in keeping with professionalism that befits a WWE Superstar who earns millions of dollars a year. Dave Meltzer had an update on Archer's injury on the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, saying that he had suffered from a "jammed neck": "Archer wanted to continue and finish the match.

Sampson checked him and felt he did not have a concussion but he and Tony Khan called for the match to go right to the finish as a precautionary measure and Kingston won with an Oklahoma side roll. Archer did leave on his own power.

He suffered a jammed neck. Hopefully further testing doesn’t show anything worse. There is no time frame at press time for his return. He’s not scheduled on the Full Gear PPV or in a major program right now," said Dave Meltzer.