Riddle comments on his recent rise

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Riddle comments on his recent rise

One of the most beloved tag teams of the last months of WWE is undoubtedly that of the RK-Bro, a team formed unusually by a legend of the federation like Randy Orton, who has always given his best as a heel and by Matt Riddle, former athlete of NXT, with a hilarious gimmick completely different from that of the WWE Legend Killer.

Obviously, precisely this contrast between the two characters, made WWE Universe fans fall in love with this idyll, with RK-Bros even becoming duo champions with WWE, much to the delight of fans of Monday Night Raw for several weeks now.

Apparently, the initial idea of ​​putting together the two athletes so different from each other came precisely to Matt Riddle, who in his last interview wanted to talk about how difficult it was to try to make his colleagues and the crew understand WWE how fun it would have been to create this stable, with some of them literally laughing in the face of the current Raw team category duo champion.

Riddle has been very successful

In his latest Cheap Heat interview with Peter Rosenberg, Matt Riddle explained how difficult it was to convince the federation crew and creative team that the RK-Bro idea would be great, saying: "I have no idea if this was in their plans, but it was definitely an idea that I had in my head for a long time.

When I saw the opportunity to create 'RK-Bro', because I mentioned it probably a month before it was actually born. I mentioned them before the writers, some of the guys backstage and the whole production and they laughed in my face when I said 'How cool would RK-Bro be?' I also tried to talk to the writing team and the entire cameraman crew.

Try to talk to anyone and joke with anyone and that's where I noticed that my colleagues were amused by it and were already learning everything. From there they began to learn the way I spoke, my dialect, I think, and they could make me do things easier and more suited to my character.

I think that was it. RK-Bro brought something beautiful, a positive mentality. I remember well everyone laughing and saying 'Oh, this is never going to happen' And then a couple of weeks later, Randy didn't have an opponent. I didn't have an opponent and we made it a reality.

And since we first worked together, we've been inseparable from that time." While speaking to Peter Rosenberg on the Cheap Heat podcast, Riddle said he'd love to face RVD in the future and that the Hall of Famer still has a lot left in the tank.

"Riddle and RVD, I know RVD is still one of the best athletes in sports entertainment today. That guy can still go, honestly. I would like to have a singles match with him or team up with him, I'd really like to do anything with RVD.

I think he has it, I think he has it in the tank. I think he's got a lot more left. I think he's done so much already, it's hard to... how do you top that? What's the point in coming back if you're not gonna?"